• See the astonishing seascapes of El Nido island, one of the country’s premier destination
  • Watch the bird’s next gatherers at work, scaling cliffs for prized finds
  • Take an unforgettable subterranean river tour at the Puerto Princesa National Park, a World Heritage listed site
  • Swim, snorkel or dive in one of the islets of Honda Bay
  • Fall under the spell of seven enchanting lakes of Coron Reefs
  • Be transported to Stone Age at the Tabon Caves
  • Spot the giraffes, zebras and gazelles at the Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Discover the Bataks, a mountain tribe living in accessible settlements
  • Have a historic encounterat the Cuyo Fort, built in 1600s
  • Catch a tribal festival – the Pagdiwata, Tarek or Lambay
Source: ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines