• Find out why the 4 kilometer White Beach is often found in the list of top beaches in the world
  • Take a sunset cruise in a paraw, Boracay’s signature sailboat
  • Enjoy a hilot, the traditional Filipino massage under a shade of coconut tree on the beach
  • Rent an outrigger or yacht and island hop
  • Take diving , sailing, parasailing and windsurfing lessons
  • Ask for Mambo Number 5 – a little bit of boating, diving, trekking, biking, golf
  • Trek or mountain bike to the quaint interior villages
  • Sample the local favourites – chori burger, charbroiled chicken and halo-halo sandwich
  • Witness the Paraw Regatta, an international sailboat race featuring native outriggers
  • Swing golf irons at the Fairways & Bluewater Country Club
  • Catch the Mardi-Gras-style Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo in January
Source: ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines